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Our Mission

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Our mission here at certified canine services is to help owners create the type of relationship and bond with their dog that they have only dreamed of. We will do this by giving you and your dog all the tools you need to build the relationship that will allow them to live happily in your everyday life. If you lack time, patience or the knowledge you need to achieve this we can help.



How We Will Help You

The key to having the kind of unique relationship that you have only dreamed of is by creating a way to communicate clearly and fairly with your dog the behaviors that you do and do not want and in a way they can understand. We believe the best way to achieve this with your dog is through true obedience training. We look at obedience training as a language for dogs. And when you understand this language and use it properly you will be able to bring out the best in your dog and bring to life your dreams. To many times owners try to fix behavior that they don't want but fail only because they don't have a clear way to communicate with their dog. Our camp style programs give owners and their dogs personalized training, catered to the dog's individual needs, personality, behavioral issues and the owner's goals.  Like humans dogs are all different, keeping in mind that there are six different personalities found in dogs we adjust our training to the individual personality of the dog and then teach you how to work effectively with that personality. We start by building a relationship with your dog that can only come by our interaction with them on a daily basis. Then slowly and patiently we teach them this language of obedience. Remember most of the professional dogs in the world such as service dogs, military, Seeing Eye dogs, etc. are all trained in this same way, by a professional trainer with countless hours of experience and then placed with a handler or owner. It truly is a myth that a dog will not respond to its owner if they haven't trained them themselves. Whatever your problem certified canine services dog training can help.. 


 If you have been told your dog can't be fixed please watch this video before you give up!